Michael Fabbro - Freelance Web and Software Developer/Trainer

Looking for a good developer or training?

Simple to complex bespoked fully php programmed systems

A simple attractive and competively priced, single page, website and hosting with email accounts from just £200

Databases? Animations? Supermarket Trolleys?

We specialise in fully programmed sites using languages such as asp.NET, PHP, javascript or animations featuring flash. We can even set up bespoke, fully client configurable e-commerce site using supermarket trolley features. If data capture is one of your needs we can create database systems in mySQL or Microsoft SQL .

Thinking WordPress?

We can fully bespoke a WordPress system or template for you. We also offer WordPress Training for the complete beginner that will not only train you, but provide you with a working hosted site as part of the cost. We provide both formal class-based training or can give you individual tuition at an affordable price. Simply click on our "WordPress Course" Link in the menu

Web site development

Flash animations

We can supplied with you a professional static website or a more dynamic and sophisticate one.

Example of website developers work

Make your website a little more different with relevant animation that won't cost you an arm and a leg.

Database or bespoke web-based business applications programmed

E-shopping sites

Make more money by not being trapped in your office with old reporting, command and control management methods.



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